Made of stainless steel. Fitted with double-sided edge which will easily cut all types of film. The anti-slip feet ensure work safety. The additional holes allow for wall mounting the cutter. Our extensive experience in the packaging industry resulted in the creation of a group of devices with varying size, application, functionality etc.:

For use at home and in small catering companies. Available for the 2 most common film widths: 30cm (Max Mikro) and 45cm (Max Mikro D). The film for those devices should be wound on tubes with the internal diameter of 38mm. Upon special request we can make devices adjusted for other film widths.

The device is manufactured in sizes according to width of film (mm):
* Max Mikro – for film width up to 300 mm
* Max Mikro D – for film width up to 450 mm
* Max Mikro D 550 – for film width up to 500 mm
* Max Mikro D 580 – for film width up to 550 mm