Devices used for packaging food: bread, cakes, meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruit etc. – both on trays and in containers, or without them. Hot tables are used in production and packaging plants for those products, in grocery stores, restaurants, confectioneries and cafes which offer products ‘to go’. The packaging technology consists in wrapping the product placed on a tray/in a container/without the container in film, cutting the film with a heating strip and additional welding on the hot table surface. Thanks to the special design of the heating element, no hydrogen chloride is emitted during welding.

Three hot table types are readily available:
* Max 450 M – fitted with heating strip and surface as standard
* Max 450 MT – as above + thermostat allowing to adjust working temperature (for different packaging materials)
* Max 450 U – hot table with a cutting strip, but without heating surface. Used mainly for packaging vegetables without the use of trays/containers – e.g. cabbage