Block bottom bags – another type of bags made by Kram S.A. are bags with gusseted bottom. They combine the aesthetic values of resilient paper with very good product visibility, thanks to the capability of being stored vertically on a shelf.
Gusseted bags are made of bleached and brown papers with the weight of 50-90 g/m2.

We offer the following bag types:

  • one-layer, intended for packaging loose products, jewellery, fruit etc.

  • single-layer shopping bags, standard size

  • single-layer bags with handle

  • double-layer bags

Product code Product name Size Layer Paper Holder
23208 Gusseted bags 220x110x320 1 brown
15324 Gusseted bags 240x100x320 1 brown
16147 Gusseted bags 310x120x410 1 brown

With custom print:

Block bottom bags can also have flexographic print with up to 8 colours. For printing we use environmentally friendly water-based ink.